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Cerramix Batch

The CERRAMIX product range includes batch or continuous mix machines. The equipment is designed specifically for investment casters and utilises the same power mixer unit for High Shear / Dispersion and for Stabilise or Hold Mixing of slurries. The mixer is powered via a digital variable frequency drive unit to enable optimised speeds and mixing times to be set for each mode. The total mix process cycle is achieved by simply pressing one button.

POWER MIXER: The mixer is designed for optimum mixing of ceramic slurries. The mixer is supported on a pivoting bracket and is easily raised and lowered in to the slurry. The mixer is fitted with CM, CF or CD impellers to achieve the desired mix condition.

BATCH SYSTEM : The mix tank is specifically engineered for efficient mixing, with a hemi-spherical base and tapering sides. The tank is manufactured from glass fibre and is supported in a steel framed trolley unit. A lip is formed on the top of the tank to provide an easily maintainable clean surface, and minimise risk of contamination of the slurry.

CONTROL : The mix station can be supplied with a choice of two types of control system, ie; Type 1 and Type 2. With each type, the control system is contained in an enclosed cabinet for free standing use, attachment to the mixer frame, or for securing to an adjacent wall. Safety features are included to prevent propeller rotation unless the mixer is in the lowered position

Options :

  • Type 1 Control

  • Type 2 Control

  • Slurry Pumping System

  • VA Extended Warranty Programs

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